Worldmark Q&A

Vacation FAQ for Worldmark memberships:

Q: What is the process for selling my Worldmark membership?

A: First, go to the "Sell Membership" page and get a puchase price from us. Next, request the transfer documents from us and we will send them out right away. Finally, receive the amount of your bid as payment.

Q: Are your memberships Standard or Premier?

A: We only deal in Premier memberships! Everything we have is premier with perpetual ownership and full rights to use bonus time.

Q: Can we buy bonus time for $.04 per credit with the memberships you sell?

A: Yes, although everyone should understand, owners and prospective owners alike, that the $.04 per credit is not an unchangeable price; it may be increased at any time by the WorldMark board of directors.

Q: Are your memberships eligible for the "instant exchange" program with RCI and Interval International?

A: Yes, all WorldMark timeshare memberships are eligible for the "instant exchange" program with RCI and Interval Intenational. All you have to do is become an RCI or Interval International member to take advantage of the instant exhange benefits.

Q: What's the difference between annual credits and available credits?

A: Good question. Annual credits are the credits that make up a WorldMark membership. If you have a 6,000 credit membership, you have 6,000 Annual credits. Available credits, on the other hand, are the credits that are added to your account on your anniversary and then exchanged for your vacation accommodations.

Q: Are the dues up to date on the memberships you sell?

A: WorldMark/Wyndham will not transfer a membership unless the dues are paid current. So, yes, all memberships are up to date when you purchase them.

Q: Can I purchase a second membership and have it combined with my original WorldMark membership?

A: Yes, when purchasing a second Worldmark membership make it known that you are already an owner so the memberships can be combined into one.

Q: When do credits expire?

A: Credits are good for two years in a Worldmark membership and then up to 13 months when applied to a reservation.

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