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I just received the Fedex package! THANK YOU so much!! This is such a blessing for us right now. My husband had been out of work for 12 months and I was laid off over a month ago. The Lord blessed my husband with a new job, but things have been very tight financially. I am so glad that the Trendwest loan is paid off and that these funds can be used to help us get caught up. Thank you again for all your help in processing this transaction for us! I am so grateful! Please thank any others that assisted with our documents as well. " God Bless - Nancy

I mailed the documents to you yesterday so you should have them next week. Thank you for helping me take care of this in a timely manner. I really appreciate it. I also appreciate that you put your picture on the web site. I think it is always better to do business face to face so to speak. I am a 50% Disabled veteran after 12 years of service to our country. One of my favorite chosen additional duties was MWR Officer ( Moral Welfare and Recreation) I used to plan, organize and coordinate huge ski trips, parties and various other functions for my unit's soldiers in places like Korea, Germany and Bosnia. I bought my time share with the little bit of money I got form the military when I got medically sperated 3 years ago. It was my own little retirement gift to me for my years of dedicated service. I really enjoyed using it when I had the chance and hope that you are able to find someone else who apreciates it as much as I did. I am only selling it because I need the money in order to keep my house as I have not been able to work since april of last year due to complications with my medical condtion. This will help me through the holidays until I can hopefully return to work early next year. It makes me feel good to know that you will see that someone else will get to enjoy life better with a little help from me. Thanks again for all your efforts in my time of need. Its been a pleasure doing business with you! Have a Happy Thanks Giving, a Wonderful Holiday Season and God Bless You! " Sincerely - TJay Gardner

I have nothing but positive things to say in regard to the sale of our timeshare credits. It is very nice to have had such a quick and easy experience." - Vanessa

"My experience with redseason.com was very good. They were informative and fast. Because of their help, we were able to perform the sale almost overnight." - John, jacksync@yahoo.com

"The process was simple, and the price was reasonable." - Maung

"Professional-looking stationary? No. Quick and easy? You bet! I sent in my paperwork and had a check three days later." - Lauri

"Redseason.com tells you up front what they will pay. They are very honest and straightforward." - Aarno and Helga

"Redseason.com made the whole process very easy and stress-free. The transaction was very smooth and quick." - Georgia, georgiak@inreach.com

"I would highly recommend the service of redseason.com to anyone. They cash you out right away, and their offer was at least 15 percent higher than another I received." - Bryan


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"I initially purchased one Worldmark South Pacific membership from Red Season at a significant discount to a new membership. It was quite painless and I've since purchased another membership from them. I found the staff at Red Season to be friendly, responsive and easy to deal with." I don't mind if people contact me with questions." Regards -Janet

" Hi Erick, Just checking in to say thank you for all of your help in getting me set up with my 20,000+ credits. You might remember me as the Rent to Own Owner from Utah. We just opened our second store in Bullhead City, AZ. Things have gone very well for me since we met 2.5 years ago. My family and I are currently at the Pine Top resort. My wife's grandfather passed away and we have a funeral in show low tomorrow. It has been so convenient to have a place to stay that is large enough for the children to stretch out and for my wife to put on all of her make up before the funeral. I know it is very difficult for her to do in a motel bathroom. I have a very bad back and I cant imagine sitting in one of those motel chairs waiting for her. I love my membership and I am glad that I found your company. " Happy New Year.... -Richard Walker

" Dear Eric, I can't thank enough for all your help in the purchase of my Worldmark Membership. My son and I will enjoy Christmas at Birch Bay; the reservations were made this past Monday December 8th. Again, thank you for your help!" Sincerely - William Brady

"The procedure was very easy and straight foward, and the transaction went very smooth. We have used our units and bonus time several times already, and may even buy more units in the future this very same way." - Roland

"Our experience in dealing with redseason.com can be summed up with the following words: professional, honest, efficient, and fair. It was one of the most straightforward business transactions I have ever been involved with. I would do business with redseason.com every day of the week with full confidence." - Bill, parkerba@email.msn.com

"My experience with redseason.com was great! They were very nice and were able to assist me with my financial challenges by providing the right opportunity to suit my situation." - Heidi

"I do advise potential purchasers to read the Worldmark site to see the number of points needed. Good accommodations often take 10,000 points per week. I purchased 20,000 credits from redseason.com, and found the purchase to be a very positive experience." - Adrian

"They would always get back to me within a couple of hours when I had questions. Any concerns we had about the legitimacy of redseason.com were allayed when he gave us the Worldmark phone number to call. We are very happy with our purchase."- Don

"We were the premier customers of redseason.com in 1998. They are honest, fair and personable. We do not hesitate to give them our highest recommendations to anyone interested in purchasing a 'used' membership in Worldmark, The Club." - Norm , norm@normandtia.com

"Redseason.com is an honest broker specializing in Worldmark credits. They are kind, and into win-win situations for everyone. They are also very fair and efficient." - Gloria, polzin2@hevanet.com

"I was very skeptical about making a large puchase like this with a business I'd found on the Internet! But after calling Worldmark to verify that redseason.com was on the up and up , I had no hesitation whatsoever. The transaction process was very quick, I knew precisely what I was paying and what I was getting, and redseason.com was extremely accommodating."-Lori, WriteWordz@aol.com