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Annual Credits Available Credits Anniversary Month Price Transfer Fee
6,000 10,200 February $3,200.00 $299.00 Inquire
6,000 6,000 July $3,100.00 $299.00 Inquire
7,000 9,125 April $3,400.00 $299.00 Inquire
12,000 12,000 May $5,200.00 $299.00 Inquire
20,000 31,250 May $9,000.00 $299.00 Inquire

If you are a repeat redseason client, please let us know as this qualifies you for an additional $100 discount!  Hope to work with you soon!  

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** Memberships listed with ** by the anniversary month are memberships still in process of bringing fully into our inventory.

To make your purchasing decision easier, we have a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked!
Not applicable to memberships combined with other memberships.

Redseason pays cash for all memberships we sell. We do not list memberships for other people. What this means to you:

  • No commissions to pay
  • No closing costs
  • No negotiating with another owner. You can deal directly with redseason.
  • No "hidden fees" *Only extra cost is the Worldmark imposed transfer fee of $299 dollars
  • If you are comparing prices, be sure to take into account all of the above that is typically charged by other companies vs redseason's prices.

Linda Barrett Toll Free 877.478.7938

We offer only premier Worldmark memberships with perpetual ownership and full bonus time privileges. And all of the memberships we sell are up-to-date in membership dues. The "*" next to a membership listed below indicates that membership is in process of us purchasing and that it will be a few weeks before we could start a transfer. We are more than happy to place one of those on hold for you.

Also, please be sure e-mail or call us for our current inventory. We can give you an updated list that includes more sizes of memberships that are or will be available soon.