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Worldmark Seaside Vacation Highlights

Please click on the PDF Link at the bottom of this article to see Seaside Gluten Free Restaurants!! 

My, oh my!  It was a fabulous week at Seaside for me and my husband!  We have had such a busy year, that we began to realize what we really wanted to do on this trip was basically nothing!  :)  We have never taken a vacation where the purpose was really to just relax, so this was a rare treat for us and what better place to do it than Seaside, Oregon in the fall!  Seaside is one of those wonderful little beach towns that offers a variety of experiences for a variety of folks...whatever you love doing, you can pretty much find it in Seaside and the WorldMark resort, while right on the beach and Promenade, is also in the heart of the old town district on the historic Broadway turnaround!  I love how the resort has historic area photos displayed everywhere, giving us a glimpse of Seaside's rich past!  How cool to think that people have been enjoying the same awesome beach experience for well over a hundred years and we are all continuing the tradition! 

A few of our highlights about our trip to Seaside and nearby locations, even with all the relaxing we were able to do:

  • If you wanted to fill a few hours some afternoon, consider visiting the Seaside Museum, just a stroll of several blocks north from the resort on Necanicum Drive and very interesting!  (
  • One of our favorite things is to just walk down Broadway from the resort to grab a meal or listen to music or get a coffee...or just amble through the many shops!  Since I have a legitimate gluten allergy , I was so pleased to find a lengthy list of eateries offering gluten-free menus (see our list of great local GF restaurants below by clicking on the PDF)!  Two of my favorites on Broadway are Dundee's Bar and Grill ( and Seaside Brewing Company (, not more than a 10- to 15-minute walk from the resort and also very family friendly!  
  • Favorite spots in Cannon Beach: Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters ( is a real treat for coffee lovers.  Public Coast Brewing (, and Lazy Susan ( are both awesome places to grab something unique to eat, even if you're not gluten-free!  :)  Don't forget to visit Haystack Rock while there...a beautiful place!
  • Fun things in Astoria: If you're a history buff, do your best to visit the historic Flavel House, built by bar pilot Captain George Flavel in 1886.  It's a beautiful Queen Anne 11,600 square foot historic home...the last tour of the day begins at 3:30pm, but you might want to call to confirm their hours, 503-325-2203, or visit  The Astoria Column is a very cool experience too...if you have sturdy legs, a climb to the top nets you an amazing view!  A favorite eatery is Bridgewater Bistro with a huge delicious gluten-free (and regular) menu and right on the waterfront.  If you're wanting a unique local experience, visit the Bowpicker for the best fish and chips around (it's an old boat converted into a "food truck" and is located across the highway from the Maritime Museum), but it is NOT gluten-free so beware!  GF-ers need to go to Bridgewater Bistro for that or visit Fort George Brewery too...another great place!  :)

 I tried to keep this relatively short...hope you get to enjoy Seaside soon and some of these great places we visited!  If so, tell us about some of your favorite places there! :)


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