Sell Memberships

Selling your Worldmark membership is quick and easy with

Sometimes, for one reason or another, it's just makes sense to sell your Worldmark membership. At, we make the process quick and easy. We buy your membership outright, and the price we quote is the price you get. There are no gimmicks. No advertising costs. No waiting around to find a buyer. And you'll have a check in hand soon after we receive the transfer documents.

Here's how to sell your Worldmark membership to

1. Tell us about your Worldmark membership.

Email and please provide the following information:

  • name
  • address
  • phone number
  • e-mail address
  • anniversary month
  • number of annual credits
  • number of available credits
  • Worldmark membership number
    Write "sell" in the subject line, if you are e-mailing your bid request.)

2. Let us know of your decision to sell.

3. The transfer documents will arrive via E-mail or Snail mail. When you recieve them, sign the transfer documents in the presence of a notary public.

Return the signed, notarized documents to for payment. Your check will be mailed to you the day we receive the documents. Membership dues must be paid up to date, or they can be deducted from your payment. will send you a transfer packet, via fax, e-mail, or U.S. Mail.

For more information about selling your membership, call or email:

Linda Barrett Toll Free 877.478.7938 or email